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Multiple Tooth Implant

3D rendering of mouth with multiple dental implantsA complete, aesthetically pleasing smile is not only important for your oral health and proper function when speaking and eating but can provide you with the confidence to boldly engage in social gatherings. However, many people are not happy with their smile due to decay and premature tooth loss. If you are interested in a smile that you can be proud of, then our team at Brea Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry can help through the use of multiple tooth implants. This restorative procedure is designed to replace your old teeth with bright, natural-looking teeth.

When Are Multiple Tooth Implants Needed?

Multiple tooth implants are needed when wide-spread tooth decay has damaged a large number of teeth beyond repair or when multiple teeth have been lost. Whether this loss has been caused by gum disease or a traumatic accident, multiple tooth implants are a good restorative option. Our professionals utilize this treatment option to give you a new smile that is complete and symmetrical.

What Is the Process?

The first step in any dental procedure is scheduling a visit with our team. During your consultation, our professionals will conduct a thorough oral exam and cleaning. They will also need to obtain up to date digital x-rays of your mouth to ensure they have the information they need to develop a treatment plan. These images are used to determine the exact placement of your dental implants and to decide if you need a preparatory procedure.

If you do not have sufficient bone density in your jawbone to receive the implants, then our team will need to complete a bone graft. During a bone graft, our professionals will make one or more incisions into your gum tissue to expose your jawbone. They will then graft donor material to your jaw to strengthen it. The material will have to fuse with your existing bone before moving onto the next procedure, which can take several months to a year.

Once the fragments have fused with your bone, our professionals will schedule the installation of your implants. These titanium posts will be installed directly into your jaw. Some candidates can receive their final set of teeth on the same day, but others require a temporary set of teeth to be placed for a few months while their mouth heals from the procedure. This will vary from patient to patient and be influenced by how many posts are being installed.

How Long Is the Recovery?

The recovery process varies from patient to patient. Healing from the bone graft will only take a few days, but complete fusion takes longer. The same is true for the placement of the implants themselves. While complete fusion takes a substantial amount of time, most patients can resume normal eating and drinking habits within a few days after the procedure and experience only minor tenderness.

Dental implants are a long-lasting and effective restorative option that will provide you with years of bright smiles and an immediate boost in confidence. If you are ready to find out if you are a good candidate for multiple tooth implants, then it is time to meet with our team at Brea Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry. You can schedule your appointment by calling our office at (657) 341-0808 today.


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