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Teeth in a Day
Brea, CA

A woman with beautiful teeth smiling at Brea Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry in Brea, CAMany people have experienced tooth loss and it is very common for them to wear dentures. In fact, roughly 90% of the people who have had tooth loss wear dentures to restore the look and function of their mouth. According to the American Dental Association, 120 million Americans have lost at least one tooth and 30 million of them have lost all of their teeth. Dentures come in several different styles and the right one for you will depend on several factors. Our professional team at Brea Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry will explain each of these to you during your appointment.

Why Teeth in a Day Is Important

Some dentures may take weeks or even months to complete and not everyone has the time to wait for those. Teeth in a Day provide a quick and easy solution to this. These look very natural and give you back the functioning you may have lost while missing your teeth. For example, speaking and eating will be much easier once you have dentures.

Teeth in a Day Styles

Teeth in a Day are also called immediate dentures, and this is a specific dental procedure used when you need restoration quickly. Some dentures, like conventional dentures, take weeks or months for completion. With Teeth in a Day, we will perform a tooth extraction and place the dentures on the same day.

Dentures of any style can be either complete or partial. People that are missing a section of teeth will receive partial dentures. These are supported by their plastic base which resembles the gumline, as well as the soft tissue in your mouth. Plastic or porcelain teeth are molded on top of this to resemble your natural teeth. Plastic or metal may also be used for additional support.

Complete dentures are made for people who are edentulous, completely without teeth. These are similar to partial dentures in that they have a plastic base and are supported by your soft tissues. These still resemble your natural teeth and gumline.


You will have an initial visit at our office. At this time, we will do an impression of the teeth and give it to our dental lab for denture production. Our dentist may need to extract one or more teeth at this appointment and complete the extraction at a later date. In general, though, you will receive tooth extraction and denture placement on the same day.

That said, it is very common to need readjustment, since the size and shape of your mouth will change as the tissues recover. This is a simple realignment that can be done quickly. Your dentures will also be monitored for fit at future exams.

Denture Care

You must care for your dentures like you would with natural teeth. Clean them each day with soap and water. Put them in a cleaning solution or water when not in use. However, never use hot water on them since this can warp the material. If this happens, they would need to be refitted at our office.

Oral hygiene without teeth is simple but must still be done. This includes rinsing on a daily basis to get rid of any bacteria and prevent dental conditions. For more information on Teeth in a Day, call Brea Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry at (657) 341-0808.


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Our professional team at Brea Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry offers Teeth in a Day for those who are in immediate need of dentures. Call our experts today to schedule an appointment!
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